How Wobenzym Works

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Trusted by millions for more than 50 years, Wobenzym is formulated with an exclusive, powerful combination of enzymes that is scientifically proven effective.

Learn more about this unique enzyme formulation, it’s history and how it works to help maintain healthy inflammation whether you are a serious athlete or simply want to achieve greater flexibility and mobility for years to come.

Healthy Inflammation

Healthy inflammation? But isn’t inflammation a bad thing?Actually, inflammation is a natural response of your body’s immune system. Some is essential, too much is not good at all. Balance is key. Read more.

Enzymes to keep you moving

Enzymes are fascinating. They are biological catalysts that play a critical role in the body. In fact, 15,000 enzymes steer 30 quadrillion chemical reactions every single second and are involved in all of our metabolic processes. Read more.

The story behind Wobenzym

Wobenzym is the result of groundbreaking research conducted by Austrian physician and scientist Professor Max Wolf, who was a private physician to some of the greatest politicians and celebrities of the time. Read more.