The story behind Wobenzym

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Wobenzym is the result of groundbreaking research conducted in New York by Austrian physician and scientist Professor Max Wolf in the late 1950s.

Private physician to some of the greatest politicians and celebrities of the time, Dr. Wolf was highly regarded by his peers and spent long hours in his laboratory researching the use of his specific enzyme combinations in many different applications.

He, along with his esteemed associate Dr. Helen Benitez, developed a sophisticated natural enzyme formulation using plant-based enzymes bromelain (pineapple extract) and papain (papaya extract), natural pancreatic enzymes trypsin and chymotrypsin, and the antioxidant flavonoid rutin. They called it the "Wolf-Benitez- Enzymtherapie", which gave birth to the brand name Wobenzym.

In 1960, Wobenzym was launched in Germany to help maintain healthy joints, mobility and flexibility as well as healthy inflammation following exertion. Since then, millions of people in countries all over the world have taken Wobenzym, which is now the #1 most-researched joint-health brand in the world.