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Wobenzym Plus

Keep on moving™ with Wobenzym Plus. More potent, more convenient. If you are looking to get back to training faster – or to maintain healthy joints, flexibility and mobility – Wobenzym Plus is t

How Wobenzym Works

Learn more about this unique enzyme formulation, it’s history and how it works to help maintain healthy inflammation whether you are a serious athlete or simply want to achieve greater flexibility a

Enzymes to keep you moving

Enzymes are fascinating. They are biological catalysts that play a critical role in the body. In fact, 15,000 enzymes steer 30 quadrillion chemical reactions every single second and are involved in al

The story behind Wobenzym

Wobenzym is the result of groundbreaking research conducted in New York by Austrian physician and scientist Professor Max Wolf in the late 1950s.

Keep On Moving™

Wobenzym is the proud sponsor of, an exciting destination for avid runners and athletes. It features a calendar of racing events, race reports by our running team, strategies for re


If you are a serious athlete, you undoubtedly have concerns about the risks of doping when you take Wobenzym.

Muscle Soreness

You feel it the day after too, because the “burn” was the result of micro tears in the muscles tissue, which leave them feeling sore. Now you need to take it easy and give your muscles time to rec

Wobenzym for athletes

Wobenzym is more than a supplement for healthy joints. It is a natural enzyme formulation that has the power to help your body maintain healthy nflammation so it is better equipped to address muscle s


Wobenzym is specially formulated to help balance inflammation following exercise, maintain joint health, alleviate everyday aches and pains, improve mobility and flexibility, and help your body recove


Wobenzym helps to prevent the symptoms of sports injury and soreness in your muscles, ligaments, tendons and joints after a vigorous workout or competition.